Welcome to my journey

Hi There,

My name is Sarah and I have created this blog to complete my studies in ACCT11059 Accounting, Learning and Online Communications.  I have given a more detailed introduction on myself in the About Me tab and I would love for you to stick around and watch my journey through this exciting challenge.

By for now,

24 thoughts on “Welcome to my journey

  1. Hey Sarah,
    Your blog is amazing! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your content and look forward to investing more time in this wonderful little set up.

    Kirra 🙂

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  2. Hi Sarah, I chose you in my top 3 blogs. This is what I wrote…

    Sarah Zillman was my favourite blog. WOW! We are almost one in the same, similar age, a first born “angel” and a second born who is “tenaciously spirited” and her father who is battling leukaemia, I actually lost my father a couple years ago to cancer (melanoma) and I know the battle she is going through, it’s not you who is diagnosed yet you still suffer. All this and she is working a full time job AND studying?!!! Also the Dr. Seuss, we in this house, we LOVE Dr. Seuss!
    Sarah’s writing style is casual (I feel like I’m in her living room with a cuppa) yet grammatically correct (which I love!). I love that her blogs read like a book, hers are one of very few that I can read every single word.
    I desperately hope that your Dad gets better, sending you love and strength Sarah and Co.

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    • Oh my gosh! Thank you so much Chantelle! Isn’t it crazy how this uni unit is making so many connections for people… well it is for me anyway 🙂 thank you again and I look forward to reading your next blog !


  3. Hi Sarah,
    I have also put you as one of my top 3… “The thing that initially caught my eye about Sarah’s blog was the structure and photos that she used when she first set it up. Eventually though, it was her writing style that kept me interested, and the fact that she is not afraid to write from her heart. Sarah has some extremely difficult stuff going on in her life right now, but she writes about it in a way that, although you know it is hurting, allows you to share these hard times, and to empathise with her without it being too much. I can see that writing her blog is a release for her, and I am happy to share her journey. Keep it up Sarah!”

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  4. Just finish to read your blog site, and I believe u must use lots of time to study, as I can see your work is just amazing, as English is my second language, so before I read your blog site, I just worried that I may have some misunderstanding, but I read it I believe it is more clearly to understand with logic information ,so I decide to pick your blog as my top 3, and I’m sure I will still look forward to your blog site.

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    • Hi there 🙂 thank you Chris. I only study between the hours of 7:30pm and midnight each night. I work full time from 6am to 6pm with 2 hours break and have a small children. I do what I can when I can 🙂 . Thank you for your kind words 🙂 and I hope you are enjoying your study. You’re very good at typing English for your second language, WELL DONE!


  5. Hey Sarah,

    I do not know how you manage to juggle everything. You are officially my idol!

    Anyways just wanted to let you know and I will be putting you down as one of my top 3 blogs just because I enjoy reading your blogs and the details.

    I hope you don’t mind.


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