Assignment 1, Step 1 DRAFT

I have attempted my first draft of Assignment 1, Step 1.  I am feeling a little vulnerable about it as I think I waffle on too much rather than just getting straight to the point however I would love your feedback and comments if you have the time.

Have a good evening!



16 thoughts on “Assignment 1, Step 1 DRAFT

  1. One word – AMAZING!
    I don’t see any reason why you should doubt your abilities when you can provide such outstanding work like this!
    Your writing style was great and I ‘felt’ your emotions and internal conflict on your journey though reading the introduction and chapter 1.
    While you did “waffle” it was all relevant to the study guide and you incorporated your personal experience, thoughts and feelings with what the text was relaying extremely well.
    Great work!

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    • Thanks for taking the time to read it Suzanne. I am loving the fact that we all have the opportunity to provide feedback on each others assignments. Such a great way to improve our communication skills and for me personally improve my assignment 🙂


  2. Hi Sarah,
    It has taken me a little while to find enough time to read your draft. Let me just say first off it is an interesting read and you have done an amazing job. Points to improve: I do feel as though you waffle, I was trying to find areas where you could cut out content, but it mostly seems to be relevant. The one other point is right near the end I think it should be either ‘self-confidence to believe’ or ‘self-confidence and belief’
    Great job! 😊


    • Nicole, you sound just like me! I had absolutely no idea where or how to start but after reading some discussions I had with Martin and reading other people’s blogs I literally just started reading the study guide again and writing my thoughts down. I then typed my thoughts out and culled my extra waffle while I typed. I’m still not convinced I’ve got this assignment right but reading the other assignment drafts definitely helps! One thing I did find is not to read too many before starting though because then I overwhelmed myself LOL. Just remember it’s just a draft and the sooner you pop your draft up the sooner we can work together to improve all of our drafts together 🙂 .

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      • Thanks for your reply Sarah, I’v read other accounting theory books, and I try to find some hits as essay. But I found as more books or journals I read, there is more difficult I can start.

        I will try to draft one directly as you suggested.

        Thanks for your help. X~

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  3. HI Nicole, I think there are a few of us in the same boat. I loved reading your assignment and could truly relate to quite a number of things you have written about. My main personal cord that you struck with me was your comment to skill and self confidence. I too have had this moment – i am quite good at my job and have not done an assignment for over 25 years. I believe with The fantastic guidance Martin is giving us and the constant email (which I love), he is vested in us bringing out the potential of each other.

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