Where did the time go?

So like the rest of you I was eagerly waiting for 5:00pm, 10 March 2017 to arrive.  I was really keen to learn who my company was, what they did and start researching and writing out all of my KCQ’s.  What I didn’t count on was my Friday afternoon turning into a mad rush!  My son smashed himself up at school and I got the call from the admin team at 2:15pm to say while he was okay he’d done some damage. He had cut his hand quite deeply and grazed all of his elbows and rib cage.  Boys will be boys right?  The only downfall is my boy is highly emotional and in tune with how I am feeling so he is the sort of kid who feels my stress and anguish. So when he smashes himself up he won’t calm down because he tends to be over sensitive about things.  So before I knew it I had collected him from school, starting packing for our fortnightly trip to Brisbane and we were on the road at 6:00pm.  It wasn’t until we had collected my mum from Royal Brisbane Hospital (approximately 8:00pm), got to the unit showered and fed the kids and I sat down to chat to mum at 10:30pm that I thought OH MY GOSH….! My company was released hours ago! So I jumped on my tablet and located my company. Britvic… WHAT THE?! WHO THE HECK ARE THEY ?! and then there was my “oh damn, they aren’t even Australian” thought.  I was bummed about them not being Australian not to mention I was tired and wanted to talk to my mum who I missed dearly so I quickly jumped on their website, saved it to my favourite and closed my tablet down.

I had told a lady who I have met online through this course (Danielle – who I have quickly come to rely on for positivity and drive) that I would work on my blog this weekend but sadly I let her down.  I did not get the opportunity as my dad was admitted back in to Brisbane hospital just two hours before I got there so our weekend was spent travelling the bus through Brisbane to see him and spend time with my mum.  I wouldn’t change it for the world.  I was reading Chapter 2 when I could through the two days but did not achieve writing my KCQ’s or working on my blog.  I’ve added this to my weekly jobs this week :-).

So, once again it is Sunday night and I am writing this for all of you to read. I have perused my companies website and downloaded their last 3 annual reports… To be honest I think I was a bit harsh with my first reaction as they actually seem to be a very interesting company who are known in four marketing areas (Great Britain, Ireland, France and Brazil) for being the largest supplier of softdrink.  (EWW! I hate soft drink).

I learnt that Britvic also works in conjunction with PepsiCo and provides/sells many famous drinks known as Pepsi, 7Up, SoRe and Mountain Dew.  I also learnt that production and sale of these branded products are under an exclusive agreement with PepsoCo.

While reading their website I discovered that Britvic’s goal as outlined on their website is  “to become the most dynamic and admired soft drinks company in the world” That’s quite an impressive goal in this competitive world and quite a mission when sugar is becoming the enemy and lets be honest that’s pretty much all that soft drink is!  So I guess a few of my questions that I have written down so far is “does this company really make a profit on something that is being deemed as dangerous and unhealthy in this day and age?”.  “How on earth am I going to learn about the firm through their financial statements?” “What does the latest annual report tell me? and how will I decipher where the company is currently situated?” I guess for now I have written these questions along with many others in my notebook.  One question per page and as I read through the study guide I find I have more and more questions.  I am hoping that once I read the financial statements and annual reports and get a grasp on who this company is I may in fact get some answers!  Well I sure hope I do anyway.

For those intrigued the website it: http://www.britvic.com/about-us/who-we-are

Company logo



12 thoughts on “Where did the time go?

  1. Don’t ever feel like you’ve let someone down! You haven’t! Life gets in the way for all of us at times.
    It sounds like you’ve had a rough couple of days so it’s good to step away and just take a breather! I hope your son and parents are all feeling a little better too.
    But you know what the best thing is, today is a new day and on this new day you can achieve anything you put your mind to 😀

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  2. Wow, what a weekend you had. I hope you dad is getting better that’s the main thing. I think will everything you have had on your plate this weekend you have done an amazing job. I had the same feeling as you as I did not get an Australian company, mine is in Germany. I am nervous about the next feed steps but I am sure that with everyone’s help and encouragement we can all do this. Have a great day and give yourself a pat on the back for what you have achieved.

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  3. Wow; that is brilliant. I remember Britvic55 when I was a kid………the advert was really catchy. Being a Pom I also know Robinsons, Tango and J2O……..thank you for taking me back down memory lane.

    Your blog is really good, gives us a good idea on what Britvic is about – well done. It is always good to read a review or preview when it is mixed in with a story. I hope your Dad is rallying and your son’s injuries are healing.

    I have posted my company intro on my blog if you’d like to have a look. I am also working on my Step 3 which I will post once I am happy with the draft.

    Well done again


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  4. Hi Sarah. What a brilliant post…I am envious, you are so good with putting words on “paper”. Britvic sounds like an interesting company. You will have to remember that not everyone sees softdrink in the same light… I myself am a Diet Coke addict, which is saying something, because I am also into running, bootcamp and healthy eating! (just trying to give you an insight to how these drinks affect some of us :))
    I am going to use your assignment for my Step 6 because of two things…(1) you have done the majority of it, so there is lots here to look at, and (2) your writing style is very easy to read. One problem though might be that there isnt much that I can comment on becasue your work is so good haha!

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  5. Hi Sarah, your blog is so much easier to use now, good going! Unfortunately, I noticed that some of the comments sections in the sub-menu items say Comments Closed, which means that noone can leave you a message unless they use the main pages. Which is why I had to post here instead of where we were putting our comments previously. Did you archive some posts?

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  6. Hi Sarah, I was just looking at Britvic’s website and saw the page they have on Health & Nutrition. I guess it would be expected that a company who peddles a product that is high in sugar appear to be doing something to counter-act the down-side of its consumption. They seem very proud of the fact that they have products which are calorie reduced, or that have stevia in them. They also say they promote active lifestyles…”we ensure that marketing campaigns aimed at children and families promote active lifestyles. For example, our Fruit Shoot Active Skills campaign, which ran until 2014, encouraged more than 500,000 kids across the UK to learn or practice an active skill, such as skateboarding and street dance”.
    I wonder how much they spend on these marketing campaigns, in comparison to the profits they make overall?!

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