Draft- Step 5

Hi Everyone,

Please don’t do what I did and freak out about me jumping to step 5!  I knew it would take me ages to do my reflection so just dug in and did it while I was reading the chapters.  I will be popping back to revisit step 2 and then 3/4 over the weekend and no doubt will be adding to my draft which I have attached below for your feedback.

Reflection on Chapter 2

Now to get some sleep and try and figure out the next steps!  EEK!

Night all.




11 thoughts on “Draft- Step 5

      • yeah, it’s too long but easy to understand as you compared the concepts with real life.. i really enjoyed your mr balance sheet and mr cash flow story..while going through my company I am still trying to understand the different types of titles these reports. i know martin said one should not memorise the things..at this moment i wrote on my company report of ‘consolidated statement of profit and loss and other comprehensive income’ = income statement and so on…regards,


  1. Hi Sarah. I have read through and would like to give some feedback on your Step 5 draft…
    Pg 2, paragraph 2 – the sentence about having to think outside the box – I understood what you were aiming for but you could probably re-word this better as it is a bit hard to get your head around.
    The questions that you pose in pg 3, paragraph 1 show the depth to which you are thinking about the topics as they are covered in the study guide, and how they relate back to what you know (or dont know) already. Great work.
    Pg 3, paragraph 2, “I understand through the budget process…” – once again a difficult sentence to read and make sense of, so perhaps re-word it.
    I enjoyed your commentary on the “party”. I was curious about your final comments though, about how Britvic had gone down in cash this year, and that you would have to review the Annual Report to verify this info. I just wondered where you got this info from if it wasnt from the Annual Report, so this part didnt really ‘gel’ for me.
    Overall, great writing (yet again) and you have related the topics back to your own work experiences, and the need to work within set guidelines and rules really well. It is a bit long, but I’m not sure there is much you could cut out as it is all relevant.

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    • Thank you so much Cheryl, once I finish my draft for step 3 I will go back and review my step 5. I know I waffle on way too much so will try and cut that back too as it was one of my initial concerns. Thank you again for providing such detailed feedback you have no idea how much I appreciate it and I will incorporate the suggestions into my next draft.

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    • Hi Cheryl, thank you so much for providing such concise feedback. I have updated my step 5 and tried to focus on the areas you referred to and I do believe that your feedback made my work clearer. Thanks again!


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