Step 3 Draft / Top 3 Blogs – Is this even possible?


20.03.17 ********Updated Draft 3 below.   Getting closer to the end now! ********

Step 3 draft

five w's



So I am in the final stages of my Step 3 Draft which I will pop up for feedback even though I know it is not finished.  Yes I know I am behind everyone else and I have been panicking internally about this however …

I was lucky enough to have another lovely lady jump on my blog today by the name of Cheryl (check out her amazing blog at and Cheryl kindly highlighted some key issues with my blog and some of my assignments.  Now I thought I was all over Step 2 and to be honest hadn’t given it a second thought until Cheryl jumped online (Thank you!).  So instead of finalising my Step 3 today, I revisited step 2 and got as far as I could with Step3.  Thankfully I have an RDO tomorrow so will try and wrap up Step 3 tomorrow because right now I am exhausted from a massive weekend travelling up and down the Bruce Highway visiting my parents and celebrating my son’s 7th Birthday.

My struggle right now though is how one earth am I going to choose just 3 blogs to write about?  Is it even possible?!  There are so many talented people that stand out to me and I have been chatting to quite a few of you over the past few weeks I just don’t know how to choose!  Some I feel like I just clicked with immediately, others I admire and others I have helped with basic answers but keen to do more.  I shall see how I feel after a few hours of sleep.

I know it’s late but if any of you have time I really would appreciate some feedback on my Step 3.

Step 3 draft



12 thoughts on “Step 3 Draft / Top 3 Blogs – Is this even possible?

  1. Hi Sarah
    Your step 3 was an interesting read. My company was hard to relate to at first (being gaming related) and being a UK company with Spanish groups also, after I got over the panic I tried to knuckle down on the task.
    I look forward to reading more on your blog.

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  2. Hi Sarah,

    I hope that it gives you a little comfort to know that you are not alone with having a non-Australian company, so we can join that bandwagon together! I think the way that you have included a visual image of your companies purpose, vision and values is a great tool to give a quick overview, and I would have to agree with your initial thoughts, I too thought that soft drink was bad for you. I think you have really effectively inputted additional material such as other blogs and Instagram links into your KCQs and explained what your company does in a nutshell.

    It is really interesting to read about the male to female ratio in your company, of the entire executive and non-executive board in my company, I only have one female! When talking about their strategy, do you think the strategy would have the same impact were they an Australian company?

    Your draft looks like it is coming together really well and you have provided some really good points on how you understand what your company does and why they do it. I also think you have done an amazing job on interacting with other students and it has definitely motivated me to try and get a little more involved. I am looking forward to seeing your final copy for the assessment!

    Hopefully this helps…



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    • Hi Carly,
      Thank you for reading my draft, you have no idea how much I appreciate it 🙂

      I have always found it interesting that Management, Board Members and Executives are more male dominated, Even in my own employment history I have had a ratio of 4 males and 1 female in Management. After completing some psychology sessions for work it makes me wonder if it more to do with the male figures being more dominate in nature and appearing to have a better control of business functions and being able to react to various issues in a strong manner. While I am not saying that woman cannot do this as well I just generally find it interesting.

      That is an excellent question that you asked about whether it might be different if it were an Australian company…. and you have really kick started my thinking process in relation to this. Would it be okay if I included this conversation into my draft? I would love to do a little research on this and provide a response to that excellent question…one that to be honest did not even cross my mind!
      Thank you again and I look forward to seeing your work 🙂

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      • Hi Sarah,

        I cannot agree more with your views on females in management roles and I think there are a lot of factors that contribute to the current ratio but I think the issue is bigger than any of us really understand.

        Not a problem at all if you would like to include it into your draft! I am glad that I gave you another pathway to look down. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to assist you at all.



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