Get back up again! Step 4 Draft

Well hello there everyone!

I’m sure you all saw the photo of my awesome husband looking at my companies financial statements and my little blurb identifying that I was having a serious meltdown.  Well, I took on everyone’s advice (rather quickly might I add and THANK YOU!!!) I dusted myself off and decided that I will Get Back Up Again !

Anyway, I have attached my Step 4 – Spreadsheets to this post and I’m not sure whether you would class it as a draft or not so if you think you see anything that doesn’t make sense or doesn’t look right feel free to provide feedback.

Britvic PLC Company Spreadsheet 2017 by Sarah Zillmann *Updated 22.03.17 @ 6:15am*

The Annual Reports can be found here:


I am still uncertain as to whether I have converted it to the right currency or not.  My pc says it is GB however the spreadsheet didn’t change so if you have any further advice on Martin’s youtube video I would love to hear from you too.

Looking forward to finalising my Step 3 and choosing my 3 favourite blogs.

Have a super fantastic day!




9 thoughts on “Get back up again! Step 4 Draft

  1. Hi Sarah, I am looking at this on my iPhone but the spreadsheet is still in dollars. Did you go to the cell Martin suggested then select insert symbol and select the right currency and this should change the whole spreadsheet. I also noticed your negative numbers are in red not sure this should be the case. Overall you have done well. Good luck on choosing your blogs. I am finding this difficult.

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  2. Ok had a look on computer this time you need to remove everything out of the cell $’000 and replace with the Euro symbol you have used the pound symbol when in the symbols it tells you at the bottom what each one is for. Then once you have inserted the euro sign go back to the cell and type m after the euro symbol – it should look exactly like your financials. Hope this helps


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