Assignment 1 (Steps 1-6) Draft

got this

***Updated 28.03.17 @ 10:55pm***


Sarah Zillmann – Assignment Stage 1 (Ass#1) ACCT11059 (DRAFT 2) 28.03.17

Please find the updated draft version of my Assignment 1 below.

This includes Steps 1 through to 6.   I am hoping that the end is near!

I am still very confused about my spreadsheet but after asking my tutor some questions that did not help me I think I will just have to go with what I have.

Assignment 1 Draft – Steps 1 – 6
Sarah Zillmann – Assignment Stage 1 (Ass#1) ACCT11059 (DRAFT 2) 28.03.17

Step 4 Spreadsheet

Britvic-plc-company-spreadsheet-2017-by-sarah-zillmann 28.03.17

Financial Statements from Annual Reports
2014 Financial Statements
2015 Financial Statements
2016 Financial Statements

I know we are all madly trying to finalise our drafts but I would love any feedback (good and bad) that you may have.  And a massive thank you to those who have provided me guidance and feedback to date.




29 thoughts on “Assignment 1 (Steps 1-6) Draft

  1. Wow Sarah this work is so brilliant and in depth. To be honest I’ve just had a quick read through so far (hoping to read it properly over the weekend when I have some spare time) but you’ve done a fantastic job!
    I’m also honoured to be included in your top 3! I remember the first time I read your step one and came away with a feeling that my step 1 lacked “heart” (pretty sure I wrote a comment about that too lol). Well thanks to you I expanded on my work and now every time I make notes on the chapters for my reflection I think of your work and wonder if I put my heart into it. So I should be saying that you to you!

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    • Thanks Danielle 🙂 it’s going to be tougher to read everyone’s assignments especially when they are all so amazing and slowly getting longer. I do most definitely remember your comment about heart and it’s interesting because my boss said the same statement but in my work related duties. It must be my “thing” hey? Haha. I am very happy to hear I could help you at least a little bit. I have always thought you stood out from the crowd with your zing for life that comes through your words in your work and I can’t wait to read yours over the weekend too 🙂

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  2. Hello Sarah, I really enjoy to read your blog and your assessment as well. I love the way you insert some of the picture from your company to help everyone more clearly about your company’s product. I hope I can read more carefully in the next few days ^_^

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  3. Hi Sarah, I have actually highlighted sections as I went through your draft and left feedback at the bottom so I will attach this to my own personal blog for you to go through as I can not attach files to comments (from what I can tell). I hope it helps 🙂

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  4. Hi Sarah
    I am impressed so well written and a really good research.

    I think this is a really sensitive topic and there are two topics that caught my attention in your company analysis.


    To be honest contrary to you I am not impressed about the profit at all. The reason is because sugar is highly additive. Research show that rats become additive faster to sugar than cocaine.

    Another reason I think is that for long time bottled water was more expensive than soft drinks now I think is changing as a result of the homebrand products.

    When you develop a product first you have to be sure that there is market for it, I mean, demand, to covert costs and generate profit. You are not going to sell soft drink to somebody who only eats organic and practice yoga maybe you are going to show that in the advertisement because you want the rest of people believe that. I think there is a clear market here and it is people who are already hooked in sugar.

    To keep lower the level of sugar in the soft drink you will ended up with water and far as I understood that is not its main product.

    I think there is discrepancy between the company social responsibility and how they want to make it profits.

    The product Ballygowan is just water? What is the star product?

    It’s a highly competitive market where there is not much differentiation between products. So probably they get their revenues through economies of scales, however, to achieve that, they have to have volume and by seeing the amount of products I think is that the case.

    What another threats such as the competence or homebrands soft drinks which are more cheaper

    What about the environmental responsibility for the plastic bottles.

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    • Hi There,

      I must not portray my personal feelings very will in my writing about the softdrink and profit bit. I 100% agree with everything you have said right now to the plastic water bottles. I do not like that they make so much money out of what I call poison. However I have analysed the company from a business perspective I can’t help but think that obviously their marketing strategies are being successful because they are having increased profits each year.

      I also have to agree with you in regards to Britvic targeting those who are already addicted to sugar. They then rely on parents (friends or family) to take the convenient option of purchasing a fun looking drink to be purchased for the child to have instead of carrying your own water bottle for them. I had never considered the competive side of things in regard to home brand and cheaper options so thank you for highlighting that to me 🙂


  5. Wow a very in depth insight to your company, and a great layout of your assessment. Through browsing over your blog (and I hope to read through thoroughly this weekend). I have picked you to my my number three in my top three blogs, because you have documented even your mistakes and things you may have left out by accident (I did have a giggle). You seem like a very confident person with your assignment writing and I look forward to your further posts! 🙂

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    • HI Tegan, my apologies in the delay in getting back to you. I’m glad I could make you giggle 🙂 I know I am definitely not short on words or honesty haha.

      Thank you for choosing me to be in your top 3! I can’t wait to read your thoughts. I am also glad I can fool LOL I am definitely not a confident writer but I have put a lot of hours (way more than required) into this assignment. I think because it is my very first subject in my first year of uni I am trying to go above and beyond to ensure I have all of the foundations. I can only hope that it pays off.

      Thank you for visiting my blog!

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  6. Hi Sarah – great to read about you and your study journey. I have used your draft for my feedback. Here’s a rundown below … love your work!

    Step 2 – You are one of my top three blogs Sarah! I saw ‘Have a super fantastic Day!’ and thought wow, happy, positive … so I read on!
    Step 3 – Good reading and learning about Britvic PLC. I did a dot point of the history of my company too as like your mine has been around for many, many years.
    Good to read a brief on what blogs you like and why.
    Step 4 – Formulas all good, looks like 2016 was a good year for Britvic.
    Step 5 – Very detailed thoughts and concepts discussed. Loved your accounting ‘characters’ in your party story!
    Overall – Detailed and thorough research, you are going to do just great Sarah!

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