What a Whirlwind

So the last 24 hours have been a massive whirl wind for my little family.  Right after I put a post up on Facebook asking those who haven’t received feedback to leave their blogs so I could help them I got a phone call from Brisbane hospital. Dad has taken a terrible turn and we must attend to the hospital immediately.  I can’t help but say “oh s*^t”.  Within 20 minutes I had woken both my children and husband, packed random clothing items and phone chargers, fed the dogs/cats and was on the retched long drive to Brisbane.  I hit the hospital about 11:30pm.  Dad was in poor condition and having a really rough time. Mum was exhausted and in shock.  30 minutes after I my husband and kids dropped me off to the hospital my two older brothers arrived onsite and we shared time with dad until 3am this morning.  After many wonderful doctors and nurses passing by it was decided we must go back to the unit to rest. Dads temp had broken and he was trying to rest as much as he could.  We then drove the 40 minutes back to the unit, trashed it with mattresses and blankets and all tried to sleep.  By 8:00am mum had already gone back to the hospital, i had breaky with my family and jumped on the next bus back to the hospital.  I then spent my day napping on a rock hard chair with my head on the wall catching some sleep while mum sorted some paperwork out.  My view consisted of this :

I won’t delve into the details of dad but he is stable for now. By 3:30pm it was time for us to go back to the unit.  Mum wanted us to stay in Brisbane but then it hit me… my tablet and USB were back in Gympie and I hadn’t had time to add my full draft to the blog… oh no!  I realise there are options but I really wanted to meet this deadline and I couldn’t do that without my tablet.  As it is pretty cramped at the unit and we had all of our animals at home we decided to head home for a good nights sleep so we were back on the road by 4:30pm heading home.  

It was on the drive home that I looked at WordPress and was overwhelmed by people leaving feedback and comments advising me that they love my blog and my work… WOW! While running on about 4 hours sleep in the past 30 hours, and emotions running high the whole time, I was overwhelmed !  Overwhelmed and thankful that the online communications component of this unit has allowed complete strangers to brighten my day and make me smile and feel almost like a rockstar, haha!.  I do not blog about my father for sympathy or brownie points, I post about him so I can clear my head in preparation for study. I am really enjoying this unit and I need a clear head to keep charging on and hopefully achieve a high result to make my dad proud.

I will end this post here but please know I am grateful for you all taking time out to follow my blog and watch my journey.   I love all feedback good and bad and I am really looking forward to conducting and reviewing the peer feedback step next week! 

I have also included a recording I got of my dad’s best mate singing one of my dad’s favourite songs which I only showed him in a low point in the wee early hours this morning. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


3 thoughts on “What a Whirlwind

  1. Hi Sarah
    I am sending you a hug ….(hug)…. hope you can find strength and calm to plough on. You are doing a great job and under difficult circumstances. Hope you Dad rallies, it’s so hard on them and all the family. Will be thinking of you and your family – hang in there.

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