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top 3

I really struggled with this part of the assessment!!! I struggled with choosing only 3 and I overthought it so much that before I knew it the week had passed and I still hadn’t chosen….EEEK! There are so many amazing blogs and I ended up just digging in and choosing those blogs that I had some wonderful engaging conversations with. I have listed my top three in no particular order. All blogs were are very high quality in work and those I did have time to give feedback on appreciated the help and included majority of my suggestions in their assignments (if there was any).

Blog 1:

To be honest I did not know that Carly’s blog was available until Carly commented on my blog. However, I make the conscious effort to look at everyone’s blog who has taken the time to look at mine. I love looking at other people’s blogs and checking out what clever little tricks they have on theirs and how they are different to mine. I really liked the clean look of Carly’s blog and it feels very therapeutic to me. But to be completely honest, what drew me to Carly’s blog her welcome blog stating “If you don’t get it right, I think you should have a wine or some chocolate cake for giving it a go. If you managed to get it right, then you should have wine and chocolate cake for getting it right.” I could tell by this statement that Carly would have an entertaining writing style.

I have had some interesting thought provoking conversations with Carly which is perfect to get my brain into gear.  Thank you Carly!

Blog 2:

I have to be honest here. I secretly stalk Katrina. I find her writing style fun and full of life and I am quite often laughing out loud at the analogies that she uses in her assessments and on her blog. I have learnt a lot from Katrina in relation to the accounting aspects and her writing style is so easy to read that I quite often have “oh I get it moments” while reading her examples. Katrina’s KCQ’s in her work and company information is very different to mine however without even knowing it Katrina has helped me clarify some of my own work faults through Facebook conversations, reading her drafts and general feedback and each time we have had a brief interaction I have taken away little pieces of advice to improve my own work. The other thing I have found with Katrina (and majority of the other students) is the constant support and cheering on…it is just so heart-warming. Here is a snippet of Katrina providing this support here.

I am blown away by the effort Katrina has put into the presentation of her blog. It is very professional looking, easy to use and that stunning photography….WOW!

Blog 3:

Now I think most of us will have Danielle in the top 3 of favourite blogs and to be completely honest I tried to talk myself out of it knowing that Danielle is a favourite for most people. But then I thought “You know what, Danielle is one of my top 3 favourite’s and deserves the recognition”. I remember the first time I looked at Danielle’s blog I thought “woah… this lady had got this blogging thing sorted and she is smashing her assignments out like an accounting ninja!” Danielle’s work is well written, concise and so full of information that I feel as though I have been sitting right beside her in class and learning with her.

I have chosen Danielle’s blog because I feel as though I have made a connection with her through this unit of study. Danielle is normally the first of 3 to post comments on my blogs and straight off the bat was the 3rd person to comment on my second blog post here., providing feedback and encouragement all in one.

To my top 3 favourite’s and all other students I want to shout THANK YOU! Without knowing you are all becoming an accountant superhero and you have each taught me a lot about companies I’ve never heard of and blogging. This online communication element of this unit is definitely paying off for me!


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