Britvic in the Spotlight

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I struggled with finding articles and information about Britvic that I actually understood.   When I was investigating the history of my company I found their campaign clip here: which was a fantastic clip that provided a brief overview of how the company became who they are today.

I then searched further away from their website and came across their latest campaign launch for Fruitshoot.  It was highlighted in the January quarterly review that Britvic’s children’s range “Fruit Shoot” has dragged the Great Britain stills category down by 4% in sales. To counteract this Britvic have launched their multi-market campaign “It’s my thing” aimed at parents to let kids be kids and to encourage them to stay hydrated during their activities by drinking Fruit shoots.  You can view their campaign ad here: I still can’t help but think back to my original thought which was “it must be a mission when sugar is becoming the enemy and let’s be honest that pretty much all soft drink is” and now I can add fruit juice to this statement as well however I am learning through investigating this company that they are working with the new sugar tax that has been imposed on them and to improve their products and offer sugar free alternatives.  The launch video was included in the original news article here

Another article I found was about the Britvic share prices and to be completely honest I did not understand this one at all.  Shares are definitely not my forte however one thing I could figure out was that there hasn’t been an increase in their shares just yet and that their potentially could be a decrease of -5.79% decrease.  As stated in the article “The broker said it has now set a ‘Neutral’ rating on shares of Britvic PLC with a price target of 600. The price target according to the broker shows a possible decrease of -5.79% from the current stock price of 636.87.”  This article can be found here:

After reading and researching about this sugar tax that Great Britain has imposed, I had a  good discussion with Carly Despot from: and Tash Hodgson from: in regards to what if Australia had the sugar tax?  Tash was kind enough to locate this article: this article identifies many issues and while I agree that the government shouldn’t be forced nor held responsible for an individual’s obesity issues, I can’t help but think that if the healthier food was cheaper than the junk food then it would be easier and more affordable for people to eat healthy.

Through researching Britvic in the media I have identified that Britvic has been working very hard to combat the challenge of reducing sugar to avoid paying large amounts of sugar tax and even though they had a failed reformulation of the Robinson brand they were still able to gain profit this year. One statement that Britvic did include in the article was that “Britvic believes in offering choice, while making it easier for consumers to reduce their calorific intake without compromising quality. We are disappointed at the introduction of category specific taxes, since we believe a holistic approach is necessary to tackle this complex issue”. I can see what they are saying in the fact that it’s not just soft drink and fruit juices that are causing the issues in today’s world of cancers and obesity however I still can’t help but feel that the government feels that they must do something to try and assist in this well known issue and the one way for them to try and curb peoples actions of purchasing the drink is to make it harder for companies like Britvic to produce it and more expensive for the consumers to purchase it. You can see the full article from 30 November 2016 here:

It was nice to read that Britvic acknowledges and promotes that hydration and education of healthy living is extremely important and their ambition is to assist their customers to achieve this as well as becoming the most admired soft drink business in the world.



2 thoughts on “Britvic in the Spotlight

  1. Sarah, great research and knowledge of your company, something which is now on my own list of improvements for my assignment is to expand on my background research for my own company and their industry. It was interesting chatting about this on Facebook, definitely a great way to increase our understanding through conversation. (…Oh Sarah small edit, Tash found the article 🙂 …)
    Look forward to our next chat 🙂

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