Britvic PLC -What is your history?

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Now I have reference the timeline of events from the website in my Assignment 1, Step 3 and I thought I would elaborate on that here.

So, after further investigation and viewing of this video of Britvic History made in 2014.  I was able to establish that Britvic can be traced back a little street in Chelmsford in the 19th century where a chemist was creating home made soft drink to supply to the local community.  In 1938 the company was acquired by James MacPherson & Co Ltd, who were known as British Vitamins Products and they identified the health benefits of the soft drink as major source of vitamins and was this was recognised in the mid 20th Century.


In 1949 British Vitamins Product launched a range of fruit juices and had the largest fruit processing factory in Chelmsford.  In 1954 British Vitamins and the factory was acquired by Vine Products Limited who then developed the soft drink to incorporate even more vitamins and used the drinks to be a major source to provide affordable vitamins to the consumers of the United Kingdom.

In 1968 The British Vitamin Products Company merged with Allied Breweries Limited and Minister Minerals Limited and continued to launch their own original mixes and products.  The remaining part of the 20th Century contained a number of company acquisitions and was a high growth and innovation period.

In 1971 the British Vitamin Product Company formally changed its name to Britvic and also merged with Britannia and Canada Dry Rawlings.  It was during this period that some original mixers including Britvic 55 was launched.  Britvic 55 was launched into pubs and bars in 1977 as a non-alcoholic alternative adult soft drink.   Further acquisitions were acquired in 1986 (Tango) acquired and 1986 (R.Whites) was acquired.

1987 was the year that major history for Britvic was made.  This was the year that Britvic was awarded a 20 year bottling licence and arrangement in the UK.  This licence allowed Britvic to bottle PepsiCo products known as Pepsi and 7Up in Great Britain.

At the end of the 20th century further acquisitions took place (1995 Robinsons was acquired) and this fostered Britvics own brands.  In 2000 Robinsons Fruit Shoot was launched for children and this opened up a whole new level of campaigning and profit increase for Britvic so much so that in 2004 Britvic received a 15 year extension on their bottling agreement with PepsiCo and in 2005 was placed on London’s stock exchange.

In 2007 Britvic acquired the soft drinks arm of C&C to create Britvic Ireland, in 2011 Britvic acquired French soft drinks company Fruité Entreprises and in 2015 Britvic acquired Brazilian soft drinks company Ebba.  All of these acquisitions provided the company the opportunity to launch their other products in Ireland and France which in turn increased Britvic’s profile and profits.

Today Britvic is the second largest soft drink and fruit juice producer.  They are the number one supplier of non carbonated and still soft drink in Great Britain and number 2 for carbonated.

Due to the change in agreement with PepsiCo, Britvic can now bottle and sell Mountain Due and Lipton’s Iced Tea which assisted in making the company the leading portfolio of the Number 1 and Number 2 brands across the Great Britain market.  All of the Britvic brands can now be found in the wholesale market, Grocery Market, Food Service Market and Pubs and Clubs all of these markets are serviced from the factory outlets as well as the national distribution centres.

In 2013 Britvic made breaking ground in the soft drink and fruit juice world by embracing the health concerns in regards to high sugar and calorie products by introducing stevia into their products and this is now engrained in their products across the entire business centres.

Britvic is constantly looking for new acquisitions and growing their portfolio and their most recent launched product Fruitshoot is now being launched in Spain and U.S.  Britvic is now such a successful company that they have launched products in Australia and India.   Britvic acknowledges that they need to educate and hydrate their customers and promote healthy lifestyles and their ambition is to be the worlds most admired soft drink business.




5 thoughts on “Britvic PLC -What is your history?

  1. Hi Sarah! What a great read!
    My company Marsden Maritime is also creating opportunities for expansion and development like your company is relaunching new flavours. In reading your blog I found a key focus in both our companies is ‘selling their product’. Marsden Maritime want to portray the Marsden Point Area as prime land and Britvic want to portray their soft drink as refreshing and hydrating.
    Our companies serve very different purposes however do have some similarities 🙂

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    • It’s quite interesting how two very different companies can do the same thing with different products isn’t it. I think it also comes down to how they market their products. Obviously when the companies want to expand they need to increase their profit which intrigues me. I wonder how much of our companies budget is spent on marketing their products? And whether their marketing approach and campaigns are also similar also.


      • Yes what an interesting question! I couldn’t find a figure for marketing expenses in my financial statement ( unless it called something else or included in another figure). Does your financial statement show marketing costs? 🙂

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      • I have just looked and not it doesn’t have anything marketing related listed. I would say it comes under an operating cost which isn’t required to be recorded as an individual figure. Internally it would be in the budget but externally it must come under Operating loss I would say.


      • Oh wait! I just found a sales and marketing section further in under Staff costs. This figure did sales and marketing in 2016 days 1413 compared to 911 so white a big jump! They must know marketing brings profit!

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