Opportunity in Disguise


As I sit here typing, I am getting notification after notification from people asking last minute questions on their assignments, requesting last minute feedback and having slight panic attacks.   I just wanted to say to all of you, everything will be okay!  You have all worked your little tushies off to get your assignment to where it is now and you are all going to get the results from your hard work that you deserve.  If you don’t then you are still a winner!  You are still a winner because you will learn from this experience.  You will learn that maybe you should have applied more time to your unit or to ask more questions online.  You may even be learning how to face your fears of interacting in general which in my book is a huge accomplishment!

I had read through my assignment so many times in hardcopy and on the pc that all of my work started to blend and it wasn’t until it was Friday night at 10pm that I realised I had one of my best friends baby shower the next day and I didn’t want to go … all I wanted to do was finish my assignment.  Then it hit me…. I had finished my assignment.  Other than trying to provide more critical feedback to others (which I really struggled with) I felt there was nothing more I could put into this assignment.  So guess what…!  I submitted it 30 minutes before walking out the door to the baby shower on Saturday.  I was anxious but I think now that I sit back and think about it, it was more impatience.  I wanted to know how I did LOL.  My husband was stoked that I had submitted it two days early because it meant we might get to have the weekend together, little did he know I wanted to start on Chapter 4 immediately haha 🙂

I was fortunate enough to get my result back the same day and I was very happy with them after the initial blow.  I realised that not getting full marks wasn’t a bad thing, it was simply Martin’s way of saying that I am still learning and have room to improve, which only feeds my desire to do better!  Now I can’t help but think my result is pretty damn good and it proves that the hours I invested in this assignment have paid off.   I feel the pain for others who have to wait longer but I also know that Martin and his team will be working around the clock to get the 500+ assignments marked.  So as I sit here and watch people’s comments and posts I can’t help but offer them messages of encouragement, support and try to calm their nerves.  We are all working together on this unit and I believe in every single one of you!   As I’ve said to a few people already take a breath, believe in yourself and remember, YOU’VE GOT THIS!





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