Assignment 2, Step 1 – DRAFT

*** Update 11.04.17 ***


After some lovely, useful feedback from those who I am starting to consider as online friends, I am feeling calmer about my Assignment 2, Step 1.  Massive THANK YOU to those lovely people.  I have added in my second and hopefully final draft of Step 1.
I feel we have come to the end of our working relationship haha.

assignment-stage-2-step-1-Final -11-04-17



Far out this Chapter has had me in quite a tiz.  I think I have had every emotion under the sun however the biggest one that is coming through again is self doubt.  Because I am struggling to understand the topic I am not confident that my KCQ’s are strong enough and on point which is a very unsettling feeling.

You will see many many unanswered questions throughout this draft (highlighted in yellow) and I have not related it back to my company just yet so it will be changing in regard to that aspect.  To be honest, I haven’t even proof read it!  I am however popping it up here in the hope to inspire and/or help others be aware that they are not alone if they are struggling.  I know I sure as hell am!

Assignment Stage 2, step 1



7 thoughts on “Assignment 2, Step 1 – DRAFT

  1. Sarah this was a great reflection on your chapter 4 thoughts!
    You highlighted al the areas you were struggling with and why. Martin doesn’t want a summary, he wants our thoughts when we are reading the study guide and your ability to communicate your lack of understanding for much of the content was great. It was also great where you used everyday examples and life experiences to explain your understanding as well as referring back to your firm.
    I would recommend putting in some written definitions of the key concepts instead of just the equations as your way of explaining them. And this section “return on net operating assets – cost of capital) c net operating assets (NOA)” I believe should be “x net operating assets”
    Overall your internal thoughts were great to read and I felt the same for most of it!

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    • Thanks for taking time out to read it Dani. I know it definitely needs more work but thank you for providing some suggestions on how to add strength to it. I will definitely be including your suggestions. Thank you again, I am very grateful

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  2. Sarah, deep breath, you can do this! You draft is looking great so far, you do an amazing job of expressing you feelings and relating things back to your previous experience and your company! This is hitting the mark for the task requirements! I love the way you have included points which you still need to come back to (no way of forgetting to include them later on). But remember it is ok if you can’t answer all your questions just yet, things may ‘click’ once we get into actually putting into practice what we have read when we restate the financials.
    Tash 😊

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    • Thanks Tash, it does worry me that I have more questions than answers but I also know that you are right in the fact that this is the point of this assignment too. You are all so wonderful! I know confidence is the key but I think I put too much pressure onto myself instead of just trusting instinct. Thank you for taking the time to read it 🙂

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  3. Hi Sarah. I have just read through your final draft and I think you should call it quits right now!! As in, stop re-writing it I mean (lol sorry, couldnt help myself. I could just imagine the look on your face when you read that! Mean arent I?) As for ‘faking it till you make it’, I think you’ve made it, and now you are just putting the rest of us to shame. As you can probably tell, I was suitably impressed with your KCQ’s. You have put a huge amount of effort in and it shows. There is nothing you need to change, so move on and put this one behind you.

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