Assignment 2, Step 2 – Draft

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It’s once again been a little while since I have been online.  I have had yet more personal turmoil in my private life entailing my husbands Pop becoming gravely ill.  The one positive out of all of this though is that he is nearly 90 and always says that he has lead a very happy healthy life.  We can only hope that we all think that when it’s our time.

I have attached my draft for Assignment 2, Step 2.  I will be working on refining my wording by I enjoyed reading this chapter so much that I could not stop writing!  I guess there goes my idea on being more concise and to the point.  I do promise however that I will try my best to shorten it when it isn’t so late.

Please if you have the time, read my draft and provide feedback, I know most of you will mention the length and that’s okay 😀  I do have some concerns yet again that my KCQ’s are not very strong in this assignment so eager to have any feedback on that as well.

Thank you to everyone who makes the time, I truly appreciate it.

Ass 2, step 2


5 thoughts on “Assignment 2, Step 2 – Draft

  1. Nice write-up Sarah.. You made me understand the concept of break even point easily with the example of profit in dog registration. I feel you missed writing about the last section of the chapter. There are few spelling mistakes in your draft, otherwise it is great work..:)..

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