Assignment 2, Step 3 – DRAFT 4


Hi Everyone,

I will do my write up of my process and understanding of this horrid experience tonight however for now I am still having difficulties in getting my balances right.  Any advice or feedback would be so helpful.

Please feel free to leave your blog link here if you also need feedback.  I can’t promise anything amazing but will help where I can.

Thanks  in advance,

Britvic PLC Company Spreadsheet Final by Sarah Zillmann 03.05.17

Britvic-PLC-Company-Spreadsheet-Final-by-Sarah-Zillmann 03.05.17


2 thoughts on “Assignment 2, Step 3 – DRAFT 4

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I have had a quick look at your statements, I have noticed your equity is not correct. Your Other comprehensive Income has the incorrect lines. I will post a copy of your spreadsheet on my blog as it will be easier to see (look at the last tab I copied yours so I could go over it). I am also looking at your income statement still trying to get this to balance and will update you if I can figure it out

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