Assignment 2, Step 3 thoughts & feelings

Holy Moly… I’m sorry if you are reading this prior to finishing your restating task but this entire task had me frustrated and close to tears on several occasions!  There were no “oh I get it moments” and there were no excited or exhilarated moments. It was all frustration!  I did describe my processing of this task in a previous blog however as the instructions specifically says “post on your blog your comments and responses to restating your firm’s financial statements” I thought I better provide a BRIEF (haha have you read my previous work LOL) summary of what I can only describe as a nightmare.

This is the first time I think I have said throughout this entire unit that I don’t think I learnt anything from this process.  I do not feel enlightened or excited, I don’t think I will ever use this process in my working career ever (I know you should never say never) and in all honesty I felt like a lone ranger through this process.  While I used the Facebook page several times (probably to the point of being annoying) for feedback and information which was fantastic, all I really needed was to sit down and have a chat with a lecturer about my struggles.  I felt envious of those who could attend the lectures in person because I felt they would get more clarity by asking face to face questions and be working through it with the lecturer.  Don’t get me wrong Martin and Maria’s recordings where fantastic but for me personally it just pissed me off even more because I could never get a straight answer from any of the tutors or lecturers through email and FB.

It took me ages to get started because I did not understand ANYTHING in the financial statements.  It may as well have been written in another language and I had to read what felt like the entire annual report (over 160 pages) to even get a start and while I know the lecturers were working their magic in making me explore and work hard by doing this my god it pissed me off.  I was told regularly and on more than one occasion that this was a simple task and basically just copying and pasting.  I couldn’t help but have a massive vent (crying session) to my husband about the fact that I have absolutely no knowledge of this accounting world so being told it was a simple basic task really upset me and then made me angry.  What did I learn about my about my firm through this process?  I have NO idea!   The thought of providing feedback to others on a subject that I don’t understand makes me sick to my stomach.  The last thing I want to do is confuse others with my confusion.  One thing I do see as silver lining is the friendships/support group that I have found myself by using the online communications element of this unit.  For those reading this, you know who you are and I will never stop thanking you for the support and assistance you provided me throughout this ordeal.

I blame this step for my struggles with Step 2, I was so overwhelmed I could not focus on it and lost my confidence in writing.  This entire step made me lose sleep, overdose on chocolate and get so frustrated that I wanted to hand in a blank spreadsheet.  While I know and understand that I took the challenge on myself in regards to studying via distance I can’t help but express that I did not feel very supported by the lecturers/tutors during this particular step which I feel is a massive downfall for a distant student.  Maybe I wasn’t asking direct questions?  Maybe I didn’t try hard enough?  Maybe I’m just not cut out for this accounting thing, I don’t know, all I really know is that I am extremely relieved to know that this step is almost done and out of my life.



9 thoughts on “Assignment 2, Step 3 thoughts & feelings

  1. Wow Sarah, I agree about being a distance student, it’s not easy. Face to face would make it so much easier. The one small thing I have learnt with this step, is communicating with others. Congratulations by sticking with it. Di

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  2. I’m so sorry you felt that way Sarah. It’s horrible when things just don’t add up in our heads, we can’t think of the right questions to ask or where to even start and it makes it much worse when we perceive to not have received adequate assistance to help us get through.
    All I can say is by finishing this step you may not feel like you have learnt anything BUT you have. You’ve learnt that even though you really dislike some elements of this subject you still push through and get there in the end. You’re a champion 💪

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    • I keep re-reading my post thinking I should change it. It really does sound horrible 😬😳 but I accept that it was my decision to study this way too so in hindsight, I’ve made it difficult for myself. I’m not trying to have a go at anyone, I just hated this particular step.

      Thank you for clarifying so many of my questions, you are a shining star in my eyes and I have grown to look at you for guidance 🙂

      I have definitely grown as an individual from this particular step and process but I am still struggling to see the point of it. I might have to go back and read Chapter 4 again once I have finalised my restating to clarify things for me 🙂

      Thanks for always cheering me on xx


      • I don’t think there is anything wrong with your post. I would however be inclined to discuss with Martin why you feel you have lacked support from the teaching staff as this may assist in improving things in the future. I’m sure constructive feedback is always appreciated (otherwise why would we have to do so much in our assignment lol).
        You’re doing a wonderful job and I’m honoured you would hold me in such high regard.

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  3. Sarah,
    I have “liked” your post but only because there is no option for a sad face like on Facebook.
    Well done for persevering, you have achieved a great deal and while it may not all make sense to you just now please remember you did have moments of “I get it” as you have detailed in your previous post “false hope restating nightmare”. It is OK, take a deep breath and regain your composure. If you still need to provide feedback you can do one on mine if you like (then there is no issue of you worrying that you will confuse someone with the feedback you have provided). You can just go through all the checks which Bridget mentioned on Facebook and which Billy has now written a post about. I think you will find the giving of feedback to be more beneficial to yourself, as it will give you a chance to look critically at someone else’s spreadsheet and then it may help you to understand things on your own spreadsheet. I am always happy to help where I can Sarah. And I think this post is fine, we are always told to write how we feel and unfortunately this is how you felt about this task, so I don’t see anything wrong with it.

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    • Thank you Tash 🙂 and thank you for pointing out my “I get it”moments. After this task I forgot all about that! I plan on building on that more because I took on Bridget’s advice which is inline with yours in regards to sticking to the facts for providing feedback. I’ve done 3 and I surprised myself with how easy I found completing them when I stuck to the facts.
      I wasn’t aware of Billy’s post about the checks! I will go looking for it. I had written down all of Bridget’s and Maria’s tips for my own sanity and plan on adding an additional blog to try and achieve the write up about how I did the statements and the process without my emotion LOL. You and Dani are right, I have learnt so much through this whole “ordeal” and I think my mind is just too foggy at the moment to recognise that.

      I must seem quite melodramatic to many people 😂 but writing about my feelings is definitely something I have learnt through this unit that I enjoy doing.

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