Assignment 2, Step 5


Hi There,

I realise that I am leaving this until the last minute but life has yet again thrown me a curveball and this week was crazy.

I LOVED this Chapter!  I don’t know if it was because it was another chapter that I could easily relate to or if I am just warming up in this uni lifestyle, either way I hope I have managed to achieve the desired result with my summary and KCQ’s of Chapter 7.

Please feel free to provide feedback if you have time and if you think I have missed something,  It would be most appreciated!


Assignment Stage 2, step 5- Sarah Zillmann



2 thoughts on “Assignment 2, Step 5

  1. Nice write up, Sarah, enjoyed your draft and how you have gone thru each detail of budgeting and related it to your work experience.. love your writing style.. so simple and easy to understand.. not for a single moment i have to go and get the dictionary… :)..regards, monal.

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