Cannot Believe the end is here…

Wow! What a sensational roller coaster ride this unit was.  When I started this unit, I was scared, anxious and under extreme emotional stress…  People thought I was crazy for signing up to uni but I wanted to do something for me and my gosh I am beyond grateful for choosing this unit as my very first.

Since starting this unit my dad has undergone a stem cell transplant to try beat leaukemia, we have lost 3 Grandparents (2 from cancer and one to old age) and to say our life has been full on is an understatement.  Mat and I both work full time so time is precious.

This unit while drove me crazy at times (damn you Chapter 4) has provided me with the most amazing feelings, understandings and gratitude.  I feel proud of myself (and my peers) for pushing each other to strive for the best results possible and I feel a sense of calm over my everyday life even through the turmoil.  This unit has opened up so many mind blowing experiences and has woken up the parts in my brain that went to sleep many years ago due to going through the same monotonous motions in my ungrateful job.  I feel alive again and so eager to keep using the skills and information I learnt through this unit and keep pushing to make my workplace a better place to be.

I cannot thank Martin and his team of lecturers/tutors enough for making me feel like I have a purpose in my work life again. As for my fellow uni peers, you are all one step closer to being accounting super heroes in my eyes!  

Now to eagerly await my final marks 😬😥

Just a few photos of my children and their Grandad who is still fighting his battle.  Taking the first step to uni is all thanks to my mum and dad who always told me I could achieve anything I put my mind too.


8 thoughts on “Cannot Believe the end is here…

    • Aw thanks Tash… 🙏 it has been the best fun working with you and I couldn’t have got through some parts without your support and knowledge that you were so willing to pass on so I could learn from you xx


      • I think we have all learnt a huge amount from each other.
        I am so glad you persevered through Chapter 4, and your courage to continue even though you had so many personal mountains to climb with your father and his own battle.
        It sounds as though he has passed on that battling spirit to you 🙂

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  1. That is so beautiful Sarah. It was great working with you in this unit. Good luck with the rest of your inits, we may cross paths along the way as this was also my first unit. And all the best with everything thats going on in your life xxx Now we patiently wait for our marks 😲


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