Assignment 2, Step 4 – Feedback to others


Hi Everyone,

Firstly, don’t forget to check out my blog post on how I worked through restating. It was a bit of a nightmare to say the least but I got there in the end  😀

I will list all of the feedback I supply here for Step 4 of our Assignment 2.  Please do not hesitate to seek a second opinion on feedback I provide (I will not be offended at all) I am still learning (and nervous) and I am still getting my head around the restating in general so found this task rather difficult.  To be honest I am learning more from providing feedback on your wonderful work than I was from restating my own work!  I can see why Martin get’s us to do this task… haha.
Review done by Sarah Zillmann on Medical Developments Company Spreadsheet – Cherekee Hill
Assignment 2, Step 3 Feedback Form for Cherekee Hill

Assignment 2, Step 3 Feedback Form for Chantelle Ryals
Review done by Sarah Zillmann of emeco-holdings-spreadsheet1

Assignment 2, Step 3 Feedback Form for Helen Sternick


Assignment 2, Step 1 – DRAFT

*** Update 11.04.17 ***


After some lovely, useful feedback from those who I am starting to consider as online friends, I am feeling calmer about my Assignment 2, Step 1.  Massive THANK YOU to those lovely people.  I have added in my second and hopefully final draft of Step 1.
I feel we have come to the end of our working relationship haha.

assignment-stage-2-step-1-Final -11-04-17



Far out this Chapter has had me in quite a tiz.  I think I have had every emotion under the sun however the biggest one that is coming through again is self doubt.  Because I am struggling to understand the topic I am not confident that my KCQ’s are strong enough and on point which is a very unsettling feeling.

You will see many many unanswered questions throughout this draft (highlighted in yellow) and I have not related it back to my company just yet so it will be changing in regard to that aspect.  To be honest, I haven’t even proof read it!  I am however popping it up here in the hope to inspire and/or help others be aware that they are not alone if they are struggling.  I know I sure as hell am!

Assignment Stage 2, step 1